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Silver Vases

Designed and hand made by Leo Shirley-Smith.

Click the vases to buy them, and see more information.

These vases come in a taller shape, and a more compact shape.
The more compact shape is also a pen holder.

They are made of sterling silver, complimented with the soft grey-black of composite slate.
The solid heavy feel makes the vases stable and practical in use.

The geometric shape plays against the often organic etched imagery.
A perfect example being the "hydrangea petiolaris" vase.

Their boxes contain "box inserts" unique to each silver design. The "box inserts" are very much part of the design concept, and they can be personalised by visiting: 
Silver Shop > Box Design

Lettering, handwriting or a monogram can be etched onto the silver base disc.
In this case contact Leo to place the order. For background information visit:
Commissions > Lettering On Silverware